Sunday, August 26, 2007

Pot Party

Magic In Progress
(There's A Big Ass Pot Roast buried In There)


Mark said...

Wow, I know it wasn't cooked over the woodstove, but still, it's impressive. I'm glad to see you're eating your vegetable, young man.

Gledwood said...

That looks like rather a nice pot... I was into culinarying out beef and lamb stews a while back... reason i stopped is i was forced to cook in my mini attick garret and it got too hot... so i desisted ... (nearly said deceased but that would be telling....)
what's these "shrooms" you keep mentioning in your other blog... do they make your mouth go blue? if i give my address can you send me some in the post..??
lovely blog u got here...
i hopped in via a friend of a friend's ...
i'm at gledwood2.blogspot if you want to drop by you are most welcome... come guffaw at my personal problems confessional!!
... well i'll see you there maybe... meanwhile take care of yourself!
All the very best 2u
"Vol 2

Gledwood said...

yeah that cooking does look gorgeous... is that your own handiwork you pictured..?! Or just something you scanned in out of a Good Housekeeping recipe book!??!

jim dandy said...

I would never do that! They should be stealing MY pics!
My hobbies are cooking, eating, drinking, and taking pics pics of my cooking, eating, drinking, and my cat.