Monday, April 07, 2008

Cayo's Vet Visit

Shitty Photo's Taken With My Cell Phone

Weighing In At 15.3 Pounds
A Well Behaved Cayo Hangs Out
After Being Prodded & Poked.
(Don't Worry Folks, She's Fine!)


Kim said...

was cayo having a scheduled check-up? is she feeling ok? she looks unimpressed, extremely tolerant, and ready to curl up in the best pad ever!!

jim dandy said...

I was concerned with her excessive drinking. (Like me, she is fat and drinks too much.) As it turned out, she is not diabetic or have a liver problem, but does have a slight urinary infection. Antibiotics were prescribed and all other functions are fine. She is curled up at my feet even now as I type. Thanks.

Kim said...

do you remember our Solstice? many visitors thought him an ottoman! he was HUGE and oh so very sweet...i was surprised with each vet check that he didn't have dibetetes or liver troubles considering his HUGENESS

...Cayo is in the best of hands--yours!

Deth Bleedly said...

i agree kim, i dont know jim real well but i know him well enought to tell that cayo could not be in better hands!!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Ours seems to have mellowed in the past couple of years. She used to need to be wrapped in a blanket and handled with leather gloves while at the vet. Now she just get annoyed.