Monday, September 08, 2008

Cayo's Day at the Beach

I took Cayo down to the waterfront for a couple
of hours today. Anywhere she wanted to go,
we went. We climbed on rocks, dug in the wet sand,
sniffed seaweed, laid around and had a real nice time.


Anonymous said...

love those crossed paws in the last pic. lucky cat, what a nice pet human she has. -marco

Gledwood said...

o how entertaining!

how on earth did you persuade your kittycat to GO to the beach? did you take her down in a basket? did she just hop in the car? or did she follow you down on foot..??

rsvp: I'm intrigued!!

jim dandy said...

Thanks Mark. I think crossed paws mean total contentment.
For Gled, I posted a pic of her riding in the back seat of my car. It is only a few blocks to the water, but that would take forever to walk (the way she has to stop and sniff everything along the way.)
Once arriving, we stroll with her on a leash (she leads, I follow) until we get to an area where we are going to hang out for awhile. Then I take the leash off and let love keep us together.
I don't necessarily need the leash, I just don't want her to explore in tight places that I can't follow. It also keeps her on my schedule.

Deth Bleedly said...

great pictures does she ever go near the water?

Deth Bleedly said...

oh i forgot to mention i like that second picture it looks like a pyramid in the background. cayo is the sphinx!!!

jim dandy said...

Someone else mentioned the Sphinx resemblance to me yesterday. I hadn't noticed until after it was posted. That's cool. Thanx.

jim dandy said...

Oh, and yes. She does not mind getting her feet wet.