Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Food Inc. (or, What I Did Yesterday)

Home Made Potato Chips

Chicken Wings

In Your Face!

Burger Factory

Burger Assembly Line
Ready For Action


Mark said...

Party time. And posted at 11:11, my lucky number. I made burgers last night too. Two cheeseburgers (pepperjack ... for my daughter) and two hamburgers.

And don't those wings look good! When I was a kid at my grandma Couture's place, I always considered myself the luckiest if could get a wing. She baked her chicken in bacon grease.

jim dandy said...

and on the 11:11 thing. I was outside shoveling my driveway yesterday and the power company lady stopped to read my meter. for some odd reason she told me she was a number freak and just got herself custom license plates with the numbers 11 11.