Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Chez Dandy's New Year's Feast

Your Humble Chef

Focaccia Assembly Line

Focaccias & Beer
To Accompany the...

Giant Meatballs & Red Sauce
(Just Add Pasta & Romano)

Then there were the other usual suspects such as...
Cheese and Crackers, Veggies and dip, and Chicken Wings.
(No pictures available at press time.)


Total Non-Sequitur said...

Holy jeepers! That food looks good.
I have nothing to lead into what I wanted to write, so I guess you could call this a Total Non-Sequitur- which is the name of our podcast that you can listen to, if you so choose, by clicking on the blog. So please, after you gorge on all that grub, sit back and listen to the show. It's good for digestion.

Mark said...

Epic cooking. Live life to the fullest. I'm just sayin'.

KIM said...

Jim, the Caped Cooking Crusader!
Your photography does your cuisine justice - perfect lighting, color contrasts...should you have sound on your site, I'm sure I'd hear your friends/fans drooling!

What's for dinner tonight?

You are an inspiration!