Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Library of Congruous

Just One Wall of Weird in Dandy's Playhouse.


Mark said...

- Scissors?
- Check.
- Duct tape?
- Check
- Glue"
- Check.
- Let the surgery begin.

jim dandy said...

Muahahahaha! It's Alive!!!

Toni said...

Looking at these photos make my fingers itch, as I am extremely tactile by nature. What a room of "treasure" for people with my irritating habit of touching...lol. Boutiques in my town have "86'd" me or have put a permanent ban on my presence in their establishment. ;) don't get me wrong...I do not steal I just "view" with my hands. Even my mom hates when I come to her house.

jim dandy said...

It's ok to touch. How else will you find out what's behind or under these treasures. There are many surprises to be found in my rock n roll petting zoo.