Monday, July 22, 2013

Cayo's Excelent Adventure

Cayo is my Co-Pilot
From Maine to Detroit
Comforts of Home?
Morning Sun is Good ...
No Matter Where You Are
Rest Stop on the Way "Up North" to the Country
Risky Business
The Ol' Swimmin' Hole
Cayo Rocks It
And the SUV She Rode In On
Cedar River Looking Up Stream
Cedar River Looking Down Stream
 Deep Fast Cold & Clear
 Cayo Knows a Good Photo Op
 Potential Wallpaper Shot
 Profile: Cedar River
When Ya Gotta Go...
 Rock & A Wet Place
Cayo Rocks the River
 No Fear
Schuss Mountain View
 Headed South Again During the Heat Wave with No A.C.
 Ice Water and Ice Pack on Her Back to Keep Cool.
Back in Suburbia
Detroit Chillin the Most
 The Trip Home. 
Cayo is Happy. We Now Have A.C.!!!
Are We There Yet?
There's No Place Like Home
 Country Catnip & Peppers
 What a Long Strange Trip It's Been


Mark said...

Isn't it weird how low the water level is at Wetzel? The clay trail isn't as fun as it used to be.

ramona del fuego said...

Welcome Home,oh Captain of Cool!You were much and well missed!!!And Queen Cayo,all flags were at half mast while you were gone...We missed you!!!!!!!!!!!