Friday, April 01, 2016

Son of the Return of The Blogger

Just a note about what I've been up to.

Not too damn much.
Well maybe I have, it's just hard too tell when everything ends up on face page to the point I want nothing on face page, but then where are the pics that were evidence that I did stuff while I was avoiding having a presence on face page. (Also, my good cameras have all been broken, so everything has been on my Android and it all just seems unimportant because no matter how convenient it is, it's still just a phone.) At least you always have it with you.

I guess the idea was that you can take your phone to a concert but they won't let you take cameras. That still baffles me but doesn't bother me. Now I can just do some hashtag searches after a concert and download everyone elses pics and videos from the shows that I attend, and they are usually better. Sometimes they are taken from behind me and I can see myself enjoying the show.

OK, I meant to keep this short but, another reason I need to get back to The Blog is that many times I think I have a great crystal clear pic and post it from my phone only to see it later on a pc and find out that it's blurry.

One last reason of not blogging was that after my beloved cat Cayo died, I had a really bad very sad year of not taking almost any pictures because nothing seemed to matter anyway. ( Except for the ones that I put on face page to fake some happiness and keep a presence on the internet.) I am back to focus on life with my new cat Yokai. She is almost a year old so there is some catching up to do. Her life so far has been regularly documented on my instagram. (A site that I do not have any problems with.) It seems more like a private art gallery with just pictures, no words. Just like I always meant for this one. Instagram is just so damn easy to use with your phone. You can do all the cool photo enhancing tricks in seconds.
I should add that link to my side bar. For now you can get there from here. INSTAGRAM LINK

Thank you. I'm Jim Dandy and I approve this Blog!

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