Wednesday, March 21, 2007

24 Hours Later

I Was Noticing How Far That Little Planet Had Moved Since Last Nights Picture.
Then I Realized That Maybe It Was The Moon That Had Moved.
What Do You Think?


Anonymous said...

it looks to me like the moon is way higher 24 hrs. later.

jim dandy said...

Or maybe they are in the same place and we are spinning out of control through the universe. aaaaaaaaagh!
hahaha, don't I wish!
And just for the record, the time stamps on my photos show that they were taken at 7:25 PM (3/20/07)and 7:27 PM (3/21/07)

jim dandy said...

Yeah, I was at the same place at exactly the same time, two nights later and the moon was waaaaay outa the picture, and the little planet remained.
Kinda funny that it would take my whole life (so far) to notice something like this thats been going on for billions of years.
I always was a slow learner.