Monday, October 01, 2007

Scary Monsters

October Is A Fun Month To Flip The Page On Your Calenders
My Calenders Live In My Bathrooms

These Costumed Kitties Grace The Wall
Over My Downstairs Toilet

And Gene Simmons Drips Blood
Over My Upstairs Toilet


Gledwood said...

Who is Gene Simmons?
I always mix him up with Gene Kelly... no wonder I was feeling confused...

jim dandy said...

Simmons (Gene, not Richard) is in KISS. He plays bass and spits blood, Kelly tap dances. (and Richard diets)
silly wabbit!

Ropinator said...

Is it Harry Potter at the bottom of the picture? The face o the calendar reminds me to Halloween.

Evil Spock said...

Does it depress you to see the days go by on the calendar as you waste them on the toilet?

Diapers are the future!

jim dandy said...

Emperor Ropi:
You are correct, that is Harry Potter and this is the month for Halloween. Will you dress up in a costume for a party in your country?
Mr. Spock, Sir:
I keep my back to the calenders as I make waste, but your words are wise beyond our years. I think the thought of diapers depresses me, but it Depends.