Friday, February 01, 2008


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Mark said...

This is not about the pimpin' of the Dandy Lair, but rather about the Dandy Tracker: Belgium, Argentina, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Japan, Germany, Norway ... Damn, boy, you're quite the cosmopolitan!

jim dandy said...

Yeah, I'm even, like, a legend in my own mind!
Thanx for noticing!

Evil Spock said...

Can Evil Spock come and watch the Stupor Bowl?

jim dandy said...

wow! Spock lives!
Sorry your evilness, no cable or bunny ears here. Strictly non commercial dvd,vhs, and games.
Stupor bowl is not an option.
Your still welcome to beam down anytime!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

If you are going to watch tv, holy smokes, that's the way to do it. Now I have to post a picture of my newest toy. Not as exciting as yours, but still makes me happy.