Saturday, February 23, 2008

Northern & Southernmost Dandy

Hanging in Bar Harbor

Kicking It in the Dry Tortuga's


Barbara Bruederlin said...

The second picture in particular looks like a cure for whatever ails you. I sure feel the need for some sand between my own toes right now.

Deb said...

How have I been missing this great stuff?

Going to catch up now. :)

Deth Bleedly said...

you make my desire for warm weather increase!!!!
hope your feeling better!

jim dandy said...

That was from a carefree week on a deserted island beach. Forever in my memory as the perfect idyllic day that lasts forever. I wish.

The first pic was more local. On Cadillac Mountain overlooking Bar Harbor. Good times as well.

Gledwood said...

Are those your sandy feet? My cheiriological synergy suggests dubiosity... :-o...¬!

jim dandy said...

I assure you, my dubious friend, those are my tanned and accessorized
feet. This was from my schooner bum days in Key West, around 1991-94