Sunday, February 17, 2008

Up From The Deep

Dr. Sponge Bob Say's 98.6


Mark said...

I'm not a doctor, but I play one in my dreams. I prescribe brie and biere. (curiously, near anagrams in French)

Deth Bleedly said...

this is not ment as an insult, you look like hell! but at least you are well enough to take a pic and post.

jim dandy said...

Actually I do feel like hell. Not long after that pic my temp went up to 104.
yesterday I spent entirely in bed sleeping and moaning most of the day. today is not a lot better but temp is down to 99.1 and I have to go to work. its gonna be a slow motion day, as it is difficult to breath. peace.

jim dandy said...

UPDATE. A day later. aside from what would sound like a smokers morning cough (I don't even smoke) I am feeling a lot better.
Back to normal cold symptoms of runny nose and coughing. No fever, no pains or sore throat. Just sniffing and coughing.
Yay Me! (fingers crossed)

Deb said...

nice shirt. :)