Thursday, September 06, 2007

Cayo Gets A Bath

It Really Wasn't All That Traumatic
Recovering From Her Bath

Cayo Hangs Out On the Bell Tower Stairs
She Got Off Easy, My Tongue Is A Wreck!


Mark said...

I hope you don't spit out a big hairball now.

jim dandy said...

You would rather I swallow it?

Mark said...

You have a point there. OK, just don't spit it out on the rug, spit it right into the garbage. Shumi, my cat, is not known to pick good targets.

Gledwood said...

was that a compulsory bath in the shower gell or cat shampoo sense or did she get caught out in the rain... man my old cat so HATED getting wet i'd never have got forgiven for bathing her

bathing the dog was entertaining though except when she did that shakes thing

hope you are having a pleasant weekend

i finally put you in my gargantuan links today too

did you vote in my pole? seems everyone wants my youtube screens TINY... i'm regretting having asked now


jim dandy said...

Gled- Her skin was seeming a bit dry so I nice warm sudsy bath with shampoo and massage seemed in order. She didn't resist. She actually likes to sit out in the rain. (Strange old girl.)
On your side links, I voted for them thinking that the page may load and scroll quicker.
Thanks for dropping by!