Sunday, September 16, 2007

Train In Vain

Lord Dandy


Mark said...

I'm running the other way, fast.

Gledwood said...

as Myka said:

"relax take it easy"!

Gledwood said...

can i ask you a terribly personal question ::

how much did you pay for mika?

i got it for £8/$16

bet you paid less!!

Gledwood said...

real figure tho please!

everything in America seems to be bloody cheaper

jim dandy said...

I paid 9.99 on
16 dollars would be an average price for a cd, if I went to in a store here.

Gledwood said...

$10 means £5 wow that is cheap ... but it isn't in the charts over there is it..?

You can get stuff like Amy Winehouse Frank for £4 or £5 from the supermarket... but Back to Black, which is still charting a year after release (in fact it's fluctuating up and down the top five like a sine wave) that is £10 in most places.

things like a pink floyd remastered box set with a totally pretentious alternative mono disc (same songs just in mono i mean how crap is that?) cost £14 or so.

so my Mika for £8 was special offer it was reduced from £13 or I could have got it for £10 from the supermarket... EVERYTHING in America seems to cheap... someone said to me "it's bc the market's bigger" but hang on 320 million in America?
The EU which IS the single market here has 500 million so NO excuse for higher prices!
Only prob. doing business in Europe seems to be if you're multinational i think you have to incorporate in every country whereas in America you just have your HQ in New York and that's that

o how I am babbling