Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Lounge Act Perspectives

Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)


Gledwood said...

oh lazy girl! i bet she could barely be bothered to move her paws

Deb said...

she's you keep her tethered for her protection? The reason I ask - my brother's cats were outdoor cats and now that they've moved onto a busy highway, they're never allowed outdoors. I often wonder if we could put them on a that what you've done?

jim dandy said...

Yes, in a way. As God said, "In the beginning..." While out on the deck, she was kept on a string as an infant while living in an apartment downtown. So she was used to it at an early age. Most of her life after that we lived in the country. (No Leash Required)
And now, back in town, I keep her on a leash for her safety and my sanity.
(She has a thing about just laying in the middle of the road!)
Thanx for your comment.

Evil Spock said...

Evil Spock's feline minions outweigh your rotund kitty.

Gledwood said...

she looks like a pompom with ears!!