Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Jim Dandy Cooks Kielbasa

From My Perspective


Gledwood said...

wow... and i bet u cooked 'em properly 2!

unlike my local church who tried to kill me with bbq beefburgers that were almost FROZEN still inside

never again!!

Anonymous said...

first let me say that my mouth is watering now, i think i will be having kilbasa for dinner.
second i think i might know this man, he may be related to some of my friends here in ma. it said he died suddenly. was it from heart falure while he was sitting in his car waiting for his significant other? if this is the same man it was a sad loss if it wasnt the same man, from reading the link you supplyed, it appears it was still a sad loss!!!

jim dandy said...

Right you are, dc, it's the same guy. Small world, eh? It happened at my video store. He returned a movie then went out front to his car and passed away. I watched the undertaker take him away.